Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The Witte Museum


  • Elizabeth & Madison Marceau

  • Lynsey & Mark Adame

  • O'Kelley & Paul Little



What: Greater Heights Night 2023
When: Wednesday, November 8th
Where: The Witte Museum
Why: Because our students, teachers and schools need our community's support!

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Our 2023 Sponsors

Greehey Family Foundation
Cavender Auto Family
Joeris General Contractors

The Worth and Arriaga Families

The Ballantyne Family

The Fellbaum Family

Jenger and Steve Waters

Kathryn and Mark Weaver

American Roofing & Metal Co., Inc.

Sara and Jeff Brouillard

Castano Ave.

Focal Point Vision - Drs. Ken Maverick and James Lehmann

Martha and Ben Gray

Colette and Ty Edwards/Carey and Dave Hildebrand

The Kiehne Family

Malitz Construction

Corinna and JB Richter

Szeman, Crowell, Kimball, Kingman, Ledford Families

Lynsey and Mark Adame

Courtney and Scott Archer

Stephanie and Jeff Bailey

The Bashara Family

Kim and Colton Batchelor

Kristen and Josh Bell

The Bishop Family

The Brownlee Family

The Bruton Family

The Burney Family

The Chamberlain Family

Kate and Taylor Dawson

The Dorbandt Family

Lynnette and Trey Embrey

The Evans Family

Meredith and Clay Fain

The Gamiz Family

Margaret and Ben Hammond

Jennifer and Charlie Hargis

Jennie and Ben Hart

Ali and Chris Hatten

The Hinchey Family

The Charley Hollimon Family

Stacy and Joel Hoyt

The Lacy Family

The Geoff King Family

O'Kelley and Paul Little

The Macdaniel Family

The Marceau Family

The Matthews Family

Kendall and Chance Mazurek

The McFarland Family

The McLaughlin Family

Emily and Brad McMurray

The Michelson Family

Lissa and Ty Mitchell

Carlos and Roxanne Mouynes

The Mysliwiec Family

Lindsay and Brian Nash

The Naugher Family

The Pape Family

Enzo T. Pellegrino

The Pennington Family

Courtney and Chip Percy

Stephanie and Robert Rinn

The Rohlfs Family

The Shannon Family

Carolyn and Robert Shaw

Marie and Paul Smith

Kristin and Clayton Stanley

The Sutherland Family

Amelia and Rob Williams

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Elizabeth & Madison Marceau, Lynsey & Mark Adame, O'Kelley & Paul Little

Sponsorship & Underwriting

Ashley Brownlee, Margaret Pape, Kim Batchelor & Julie Bruton

Creative Production

Stephanie Bailey, Lindsay Nash & Courtney Percy

Food, Decoration & Rentals

Courtney Rangel, Kim Johnson & Katie Love

Live Auction

Leah Lacy & Trish Hennessey 

Mule Parties

Meredith Michelson, Brandi Sutherland, Camille Chamberlain, Scotty Macdaniel & Lissa Mitchell

Mystery Bags

Christy Hinchey, Allison Craig, Brooke Urban & Virginia Powell

Silent Auction 

Jennie Hart, Emily King, Wesley Pennington, Emily McMurray, Amelia Williams

Wine & Liquor

Stephanie Sierra, Lacey Shannon & Catherine Bishop


Kate Dawson


Katherine Hollimon


Ali Hatten

After Party

Kendra Carter